Providing expertise in Structural, Mechanical, Electrical, & Plumbing.

Design-Build Process

Structural Engineering:

While architecture defines the aesthetics of a structure, the structural engineering ensures that the building can withstand winds and gravity loads without compromising the visual intent of the Architect. Often times, the structural engineer will have ideas that may compliment the architects design. Furthermore, our engineers will consult with a projects general contractor or specific trades on how to best achieve a certain solution. Developing creative ideas for optimal value engineering.

This symbiotic relationship is the heart of what our structural engineers provide in their service. A team approach for the best results.

Mechanical Electrical & Plumbing Engineers:

Every building has a function which require systems to support those functions. Our engineers work to design, plan, and engineer those systems to support the role of the building.


An HVAC system can be one of the most costly systems to operate. Our consultants specialize in maximizing the efficiency of your system. Our team will design, calculate heat loads, and assist with equipment selection and specification. We can provide code compliant drawings for approval with the appropriate municipality.


Electrical engineering is the process of designing, studying and calculating loads for all equipment that utilize electricity. Planning is crucial for lighting design and optimal performance over the life of a structure. Our engineers provide expertise in delivering the best overall electrical design.


There are two primary systems within plumbing that are the focus of our team of consultants — water supply and waste removal. Our team will work with you to spec an efficient system that can reduce costs of operation, as well as conserve valuable resources. We’ll provide complete design, details, and specifications for permit approval and construction.

Consulting, Special Inspections, & Construction Administration

In certain cases, when necessary, our consultants are available for field administration throughout the course of construction. This can help streamline the process and add further value in the capabilities of our engineering team. Contact us for more information.

Integrated Project Delivery