Responsible & Sustainable

Safer work environments, green solutions, & accountability to future generations

Design-Build Process

We care for human life and the environment
Through the implementation of sustainable and high performance building standards, we achieve significantly lower ownership costs through savings on utilities. Additionally, our homes provide increased durability as well as an improved indoor living environment for personal health and well being. Our team encourages environmental awareness and more efficient use of scarce resources to help conserve them for the future.

Energy Efficiency

Proud partner of Energy Star

As an Energy Star Partner, we build to a higher standard than city and county building codes. Our homes are inspected, tested, and verified by a third party to ensure optimal performance. Our design and construction team goes above and beyond for the best energy efficiency and greatest value to our clients.

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Water Conservation

Awareness & Stewardship of precious resources
Through the use of water efficient appliances, water conserving fixtures, low-maintenance landscaping, rain water harvesting and grey water systems, our homes use significantly less water than average households. Additionally, at Nanke Signature Group, we’re dedicated to researching, developing, and utilizing new building practices to minimize the waste of clean drinking water.

Resource Conservation

A practical solution for a widespread range of issues
We use high performance engineered wood, wood alternatives, recycled building materials, sustainably harvested lumber, and products with greater durability. All of this adds up to less waste, and homes that are designed and built better.  

Indoor Air Quality

Providing safer, healthier homes for our clients

Our team implements construction practices and products that minimize exposure to airborne pollutants and contaminants. Construction specifications include the careful selection and installation of:

  • moisture control systems
  • heating, ventilating and air-conditioning systems
  • combustion-venting systems
  • radon resistant construction
  • low-emitting building materials.

Architecture & Site Design

It all starts with the proper design & planning of your home;
When you choose to work with our architects and designers, our team optimizes your home by carefully planning the positioning on the site for sun exposure, natural light, and ventilation of cross breezes. We also work with the natural grade to minimize disruption of the natural site as well as preserve open space.

Safer Work Environments

Caring for those who work for us and the people we work for
Job site safety and the care for the people in our company is one of our top priorities. We uphold strict standards on our construction sites and perform regular safety inspections. We promote a safe, healthy, and respectful work environment for all of our employees.

Our Sustainable Partners

Why we love Kohler: waste lab

Ask us about the companies and products we proudly partner with — ensuring sustainability in every aspect our homes.



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