Custom Residence II

Prescott AZ

For our clients, Lily and Henry, building their custom home has become a family affair.

The journey began with a concept from their daughter and has transformed into the creation of an idyllic French Chateau in the Prescott pines. The home will have secret passageways, a gorgeous turret with a winding staircase, and historical furniture to fit its storybook aesthetic.

From client Lili: “I want to add that we deeply appreciate John and Jared with this dream project of ours. I love the creativity and attention to both aesthetics as well as function demonstrated by Nanke! We have greatly enjoyed our teamwork so far, especially illustrated by the addition of the new turret.”

The documentation of this project will be fun for us and our clients, Lili and Henry. We invite you to explore these images that illustrate joy in the process.

Photos by Lili Kang and Henry Wang


General Contractor


Trim and Finishes