Custom Residence VIII

This custom home is a testament to the design aesthetic of Jared Nanke, developed over the years in working with his father, uncles, and various architects — showcasing his vision and style for the future of Nanke Signature Group.  

Design Strategy:

This home is thoughtfully designed for a 5 acre lot with unobstructed views of mountain ranges in the distance. The dramatic views are given a grand reveal as you walk in to the entry, and are carefully framed with floor to ceiling glass and thickened, masonry walls on either side. The views are captured from every room, as the layout and circulation was deliberately planned to integrate the natural surrounding from each area of the home.

Hallways are mitigated by placing corridors with large windows to the exterior. Openness and functionality are integrated with dramatic, architectural elements. Masonry and steel are utilized for strength and durability. 

This home will be appointed with several custom furniture pieces, designed by Jared Nanke. 


Architect, Engineer, & General Contractor (Design-Build)


Preliminary Design

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